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dmxDMX. The ultimate bearing material in
abrasive-laden environments.

When you need a tough, durable, water-lubricated propulsion bearing that can handle the rigors of harsh working environments and result in near-zero shaft and sleeve wear, use DMX - the revolutionary polymer alloy in a locking stave configuration. It’s a unique, proprietary bearing material available only from Duramax Marine.


Independent Laboratory Tests

BMT Defence Services Ltd. for the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence performed extensive tests in abrasive-laden waters reported these conclusions:

Can be used in a 2:1 or less L/D configuration.
This means less material, a smaller housing and less weight. Duramax DMX was tested successfully at 40 to 240 npsi. DMX Polymer Alloy Bearings are Class Approved by Lloyd’s for 2:1 L/D operation.

DMX operates with near-zero shaft/sleeve wear.
There was negligible shaft journal and bearing wear. In fact, the shaft finish in general improved on the vessel itself.

Grit has minimal effect on DMX.
No matter where you operate – from inland waters to open sea – DMX has proven to effectively handle abrasive materials. It’s ideal for workboats, tugs, dredges as well as ocean-going vessels.

friction chart .
Tests confirm DMX performs better than Military Specification MIL-BDTL-17901C (SH) requirements.
  • Runs extremely well at low shaft speeds without noise, vibration or stick slip.
  • It has an extremely low coefficient of friction at breakaway and a full range of shaft speeds.
  • Performs exceptionally well through multiple shaft reversals with very little noise.
  • Allows engine to operate with more efficiency and conserve fuel.


dredge cutter

DMX Is Ideal for Dredging Operations.

It’s the perfect material for dredger bearings. DMX works great for propeller shafts and withstands the rigors associated with cutting head shafts.
cutter head
Dredger cutting head

DMX Bearing Brochure

DMX Video



For Use In Dirty Gritty Working Environments Or Blue Water Applications

cutter head
cutter head

DMX Polymer Alloy
Bearings can:

  • Be retrofitted into existing bearings systems
  • Replace oil-laden babbitt bearings
  • Perform well with little or no lubrication
  • Be mounted directly into stern tube or strut
  • Be replaced without removing shaft
  • Operate in seawater with negligible swell

on DMX Stave Bearings

  DMX is a trademark of Duramax Marine® LLC.
Duramax® is a registered trademark of Duramax Marine® LLC.

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