Duramax Linerite II Batterboard. A nearly indestructible layer of protection.

Linerite composite batterboard is an engineered product designed specifically for high frictional wear applications where heavy impacts occur. It absorbs impact energy and has a delayed elastic response. It is a unique, relatively hard and dense material that is a long-lasting, highly effective, environmentally friendly batterboard that is a perfect replacement for wooden timbers.
Linerite has a proprietary designed core that combines a thermoset elastomer and plastic creating a resilient alloy layer with a very low reaction force.
super delay withstand
SUPERIOR ENERGY ABSORPTION Absorbs force with room to bulge on impact. DELAYED ELASTIC RESPONSE Returns original dimension in 5sec – 1Hour. VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE Withstands repeated heavy loads and impacts.
LINERITE vs. Wooden Timbers Comparison Chart. Linerite Compare
Water Absorption 0.02% 100%
Oil Exposure Just wash down Needs replacement
Marine Organism Inert Shortens life
Chemicals Just wash down Deteriorates
Freezing Temperatures Unaffected Cracks
Flame Spread 14 34
Environmental Safety Environmentally friendly Leaches harmful chemicals
Maintenance Practically none High maintenance
Service Life Virtually indestructible Replaced often
brochure-linerite1   Duramax Linerite II Batterboard Brochure
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Linerite® is a registered trademark of Duramax Marine® LLC.


Pre-Curved LINERITE.
Can be delivered to your site to match the exact surface shape to save installation time and cost. precurve

Custom mounting holes.
Our recessed stud fastening system makes on site installation easy and less costly. LINERITE is lightweight for easy handling. Custom hole

Customized color.
LINERITE UHMW-PE facing can be manufactured to match any custom color. Standard colors: black and yellow custom color

Custom sizes & fabrication.
Can be manufactured to the right length, width and thickness. Complex angles and shapes are no problem.