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Duramax Tow Knee Pusher Plates, Built Tough To Protect.

tow knee

Pusher Plates from Duramax have earned the trust of the push boat industry for decades. They have proven themselves, standing up to rugged operating conditions and hazardous marine environments. Duramax pusher plates withstand the test of time because we specialize in rubber to metal bonding – a process where tough rubber pads are securely vulcanized to steel or aluminum plates, to absorb the abuse of the daily grind on the job.

Duramax Tow Knees Built For Your Specific Application.

  • We use the highest quality materials for manufacturing our tow knees.
  • We stock a large inventory ready for immediate delivery, in single, double and pre-curved models to match your exact application.
  • Steel and aluminum substrate plates are available in 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4" thickness.
  • Segmented models have built-in flexibility to conform with hull contour.
single   Single Tow Knees
Tough resilient 2" rubber pad that is bonded to a carbon steel or aluminum plate.
single   Double Tow Knees
Double-wide model reduces labor and welding during installation, same 2" rubber pad that is bonded to a plate.
single   Pre-curved Tow Knees
For use in corner applications on vessels or dock structures.
Pre-curved for your convenience.
single   Segmented Tow Knees
Segmented models have 6 independent 4" x 10" welding plates that permit bending on a radius. The rubber pad has molded grooves between the plates to reduce stress at the bend location.





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