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Delivering world-class product solutions designed for superior performance and durability.

Global Navy & Coast Guard Vessel Reference List

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The World Leader In Water-Lubricated Bearing Systems.

Backed by over 100 years of unmatched customer service.

That’s why marine professionals trust Duramax Marine to help keep them running at peak performance.

Duramax Marine Johnson Cutless and Advanced Water-Lubricated Propulsion Bearing Solutions are custom designed and manufactured to exact tolerances to match specific applications in extreme working environments.
We use the highest quality raw materials and compound our own rubber formulas, then test them in our accredited lab. Through our proven, state-of-the-art production processes, we manufacture products you can trust, even before you put a micrometer to them. When customers compare our bearings to the competition, they can appreciate the difference.

More Navy and Coast Guard Vessels Trust Duramax Marine Than Any Other.

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For decades, Duramax Marine has worked with the U.S. Navy and allied navies, researching and testing ways to increase our water-lubricated bearing performance in combatant vessels. When performance is mission critical our bearings exceed the expectations every time. Our team of engineers and bearing specialists are available to answer any need that arises.
Duramax Johnson Cutless Sleeve and Flange bearings were the first and only bearings to meet all MIL-DTL-17901C Class II requirements. The Duramax ROMOR I Stave Bearing System was originally field tested on the Trident submarine with remarkable results. Its low coefficient of friction and wear life exceeded everyone's expectations. It experienced virtually no shaft wear, or bearing initiated hull noise. Proven technology like this is the reason why 90% of all surface ships and submarines of the U.S. Navy are running with our water-lubricated rubber stern tube bearing technology today.
Our staff's dedication to delivering the highest performing, most consistent high quality level of products to the marine industry has not only earned the trust of the U.S. Navy, but also the U.S. Coast Guard, other branches of service, law and drug enforcement, and navies around the world.

Duramax Marine is an ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Company.

We are proud to have been audited and certified by an independent ISO 9001 registrar; Smithers Quality Assessments (SQA). This certification establishes that Duramax Marine products and services are produced using a quality management system that meets internationally recognized requirements.

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