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Johnson Heavy-Duty Stuffing Box Is Engineered
For Optimum Performance and Easy Maintenance.

Stuffing installed
A Johnson heavy-duty stuffing box is engineered and built to seal out seawater and give unmatched protection for your propulsion system. Its robust construction, highest quality alloys and precision machining gives it the ability to withstand long service life at sea. It’s not uncommon for a Johnson Heavy-Duty Stuffing Box to last the life of the vessel.


Custom built to fit your vessel

  • Heavy-duty stuffing box is manufactured from the highest quality bronze as standard, or aluminum to match your specific application.
  • Service options available: Air Seal, water service, grease service and lantern ring with “zerk” fitting, or a combination of the three service options
  • For shaft sizes as small as 2.5 inches up to a maximum of 36 inches.
  • All assemblies are pressure tested to assure the integrity of your system.


Air Seal Ring feature allows re-packing at sea without dry-docking.

The ship’s engineer can simply inflate the Air Seal rubber ring to 15 psi, making journal contact, creating a water-tight seal that holds out seawater during packing change.

“Positive Retraction” permits repeated inflation-deflation cycles without damaging shaft.
When repacking is complete, the Air Seal Ring is deflated. The rubber ring retracts to its original concave configuration in the housing, away from the journal. The rubber remains perfectly smooth so no damage is caused to shaft.

Air Seal ring in original concave configuration
Air Seal ring inflates,
forming water-tight seal during re-packing
pdf   Johnson Heavy-Duty Stuffing Box Brochure



Custom Engineered Castings

Split design units

Stuffing boxes larger than 15” only come in spilt design. Any size and model can be custom split.

Dutchman Air Seal

Custom-built Dutchman adds unique Air Seal Ring to any split design or solid unit.
About Dutchman Air Seal


Use Duramax Ultra-X
High Performance Compression Packing
With Johnson Duramax Stuffing Box.

  • Engineered specifically for marine propulsion
  • Lasts 5X longer than other packing
  • 300% lower friction than flax
  • Superior thermal conductivity
  • Virtually eliminates shaft scoring
  • Transfers friction heat away from shaft

About Ultra-X Packing

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