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The Duramax Advantage:
Single-Source Technical Support

Duramax Marine continuous research, innovative thinking, and commitment to solving problems for the marine industry has resulted in many of the advancements in the marine industry. Marine professionals know they can always depend on us to be there with the best engineered product solution and unmatched technical support to keep their vessel running at peak performance.

As a Duramax Marine customer you will be using the finest performing products in the marine industry. Every product is custom designed and built to fit your exact specifications, and you will have available to you the most knowledgeable, experienced technical support team in the industry. They can assist you in:
Selecting the right product for your application.
Engineering the proper installation.
Establishing an effective maintenance program.
Keeping your vessel operating cost effectively.

Problem Solving By Phone, Or On Location
With only one call, you will be talking to a team of marine professionals committed to one thing – getting your vessel operating at peak performance. We’re your one-source supplier of information for:
Water-Lubricated Bearing Technology
Heat Exchange System Technology
Shaft Sealing System Technology
Impact Protection System Technology
A member of our support team will always be available to personally answer any technical or maintenance questions you may have. Serious problems can be examined one-on-one in the field by our product experts, then will be reviewed with our engineers for a quick solution to your problem.

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Solving Problems With Customized Solutions
If your working conditions or application demands are unique and can’t be solved with a normal product solution, our engineering staff will work with you to engineer a customized product solution. It’s this innovative thinking and technical expertise our customers expect from Duramax Marine. Our in-house lab is available for product testing and development.
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Long History Working With Naval Architects.
Marine technology is continually advancing year after year, and we are playing a large role in its development. Duramax Marine offers one of the largest, most trusted product lines in the industry. We’re the world leader in water-lubricated advanced bearing technology. We have the latest in cooling technology to meet new diesel engine requirements. Along with shaft seal and impact protection system technology that protect the integrity of vessels, inside and out.
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Duramax Marine LLC is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.
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