Advanced Water-Lubricated Bearing Systems
We are continually advancing rubber-based elastomer bearing technology, setting new performance standards in real world applications.

Advanced Bearing solutions are custom-designed for low maintenance

& high performance.
Duramax Marine bearing solutions are a result of researching the scientific fundamentals of bearing technology, then combining that research with a solid base of product application knowledge.
Duramax Marine, using innovative thinking, is continually researching and custom-engineering new rubber-polymer bearing formulations that set new performance standards in the marine industry. All our unique rubber bearing innovations are designed to deliver not only long bearing life, but to reduce shaft and liner damage in the harshest working environments.

Duramax Advanced Bearing Product Line:


ROMOR I Dovetailed Bearing Staves

Specially formulated nitrile polymer rubber bonded to Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene(UHMW-PE) backing. Meets MIL-DTL-17901C (SH) Class III specifications.

ROMOR I Radius-Backed Bearings

Staves can be installed directly into round bore tube. Specially formulated nitrile polymer rubber bonded to Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene(UHMW-PE) backing.

ROMOR I Segmental Housings

Centrifugally cast bronze housing, precision machined with keystone or dovetail races in split or solid configuration.

DMX Polymer Alloy Bearings

Revolutionary polymer alloy bearing can be used in a 2:1 or less L/D configuration. Exceeds MIL-DTL-17901C (SH) Class III specifications.

Johnson Demountable Stave Bearings

Tough, molded, nitrile rubber polymer staves that allow for bearing change-out without shaft or propeller removal. Pre-fitted to ensure accurate fit.

DuraBlue Composite Water-Lubricated Stern Tube Bearings

DuraBlue water-lubricated stern tube bearings are manufactured using a unique synthetic reinforced composite that incorporates solid lubricants for superior operation and outstanding wear life in blue water applications.

DuraBlue Greaseless Composite Rudder Bushing

Duramax DuraBlue is a high performance, self lubricating, pollution-free bushing for use in rudder stocks, pintles and steering gear applications.

DuraBlue Greaseless Composite Thrust Washers and Wear Pads

Environmentally friendly, cost-effective, grease-free alternative to traditional metallic materials. Can also be used in place of PTFE, UHMW, Cast Nylon and other Phenolics and composite materials.

advanceDuramax Custom Engineered Advanced Water-Lubricated Bearing Systems.

If you have a special need we can meet with you confidentially then custom engineer proprietary bearing designs and research and test unique material formulations in our extensive R&D facility.

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