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DuraBlue Greaseless Composite Rudder Bushing
Duramax DuraBlue is a high performance, self lubricating, pollution-free bushing for use in rudder stocks, pintles and steering gear applications.

DuraBlue Composite Rudder Bushings, Thrust Washers and Wear Pads

outperform competitive bushings

High performance, pollution free, engineered technology.

Duramax Marine, the world leader in water lubricated bearing technology, offers an engineered, dimensionally stable rudder bushing and thrust washer designed to outperform competitive products. DuraBlue needs no lubrication and is exceptionally wear-resistant, with an extremely long wear life. DuraBlue composite material has a low coefficient of friction value of 0.1 to 0.2, resulting in no stick-slip during rudder operation. DuraBlue is also available in standard sheet stock and custom machined components for use in wear pad marine applications.

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Benefits of DuraBlue greaseless composite material.

  • Virtually no swelling in seawater

  • High strength-to-weight ratio

  • Self-lubricating formulation for dry running

  • Chemical and corrosion resistant

  • Proprietary fiber matrix extends wear life

  • Very low thermal coefficient of expansion

  • Easy to machine

  • Easy to install

DuraBlue Ship

DuraBlue Is An Engineered Composite Material.

No lubrication is required

Duramax DuraBlue has a proprietary lubrication formulation integrated evenly in its resin system. Needs no grease or oil, eliminating the risk of costly marine pollution fines. It will operate wet running, or run dry over extended periods of time without lubrication.

DuraBlue is chemical and corrosion resistant.

DuraBlue remains stable in chemical solutions and not affected by many solvents, inorganic solutions, fat and weak acids. It is non-metallic, non conductive and corrosion resistant.

Minimum thermal expansion and contraction.

DuraBlue has a low thermal expansion rate in high and low temperature environments. Unlike polyurethane rudder bushings that have a wide range of thermal expansion and contraction rate that can affect the interference needed to hold the bushing in place.

Experiences no swell and is abrasion resistant.

DuraBlue has virtually no swell when operating in salt or fresh water environments with an absorption rate of < 0.5%. Resists abrasion and wear in the harshest of conditions.

Compressive Strength (ASTM D695)
MPa Psi > 207 > 35,000
Shear Strength (ASTM D2344)
MPa Psi > 13.8 > 2,000
Modulus of Elasticity (ASTM D638)
MPa Psi > 3,102 > 450,000
Hardness (ASTM D785)
Rockwell "R" > 110
Density (ASTM D792)
103 kg/m3 lb/in3 1.25 0.045
Water Absorption (ASTM D570)
% < 0.5
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (ASTM D696)
10-6/°C 10-6/°F 43 24
Chemical Resistance
NA Good
NA Blue
Maximum Temperature (ASTM D648)
°C °F 100 212
Minimum Temperature
°C °F < -200 < -328
Advised Maximum Working Temperature
°C °F 80 176
Typical Friction Value
NA 0.1 – 0.2
General Wear Resistance
NA Very Good
Resistance Against Abrasive Wear
NA Good
in < 0.010
* after 24 hour at 15 N/mm2

Duramax DuraBlue Compression Test
An independent laboratory static compression test on the DuraBlue composite material showed it exceeded 51,000 PSI.

DuraBlue Rudder Application
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Absorbs stresses and high impact loads

Duramax DuraBlue rudder bushings are light in weight and engineered to better absorb the stresses and high impact loads associated with rudder applications than metal material alternatives like bronze, brass, nylon and other urethane based products. DuraBlue also works well with all corrosion resistant materials: 316 Stainless Steel, Inconel, Monel, Stellite and Gunmetal.
DuraBlue bushings can better handle the damaging effects of misalignment and offers extremely smooth operation with specific pressure of up to 25N/mm2. A 4 to 32 micro inch surface finish is recommended to extend bushing life.

Tolerant to edge loading

The DuraBlue bushing is stable even with misalignments and tolerates edge loading. It is an engineered fiber composite material that maintains a high compression strength. It is lightweight and resists damage or fracture. With a high strength-to-weight ratio.


DuraBlue Bushings, custom fit to match your application.

DuraBlue Rudder Bushings can be easily machined.

machinable bearing
As a general guide DuraBlue Bushings are machinable using standard conventional machine shop techniques. Methods used for brass, aluminum or lignum vitae will apply for DuraBlue. It is preferable to use tungsten carbide turning tools with cutting speeds of 5.5 m/s (19ft/s). Must be machined dry, without use of coolant.

DuraBlue Bushings are available in any size.

DuraBlue Bushings are available for any rudder diameter. The bushings can be supplied from our factory in unfinished tubes or we can supply fully machined ready for service.

Fitting methods for DuraBlue Rudder Bushings.

freeze fit application
DuraBlue can be easily installed using one of these recommended installation techniques:
  • Press Fit
  • Freeze Fit
  • Liquid Nitrogen (Vapor Method)
  • Liquid Nitrogen (Immersion Method)
  • Dry Ice and Alcohol Method
DuraBlue Sizing Calculator
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DuraBlue Thrust Washers and Wear Pads.

DuraBlue is an engineered thermoset composite solution that is excellent for thrust washer and wear pad applications. DuraBlue composite thrust washers are an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, grease-free alternative to traditional metallic materials such as brass. They can also be used in place of PTFE, UHMW, Cast Nylon and other Phenolics and composite materials.

Suitable for high load applications

DuraBlue composite engineered fabrics are impregnated with thermosetting resins, with solid lubricants dispersed evenly, along with proprietary additives. It has a low coefficient of friction and high load capacity that's excellent for thrust washers and wear pad applications when operating with intermittent or oscillating movements.

Flexible bonding ability

DuraBlue can be bonded to itself and metals such as bronze, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel using a two-part epoxy resin adhesive. Call your Duramax DuraBlue specialist for detailed instructions.

Custom inserts for easy fastening

DuraBlue composite wear pads can be held in place with countersunk screws and keeper plates. Wear pads can be held in place by metal inserts imbedded into the composite. Flat head screws, helicoils and Keenserts can be used to fasten wear pads in place.
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DuraBlue® is a registered trademark of Duramax Marine® LLC.

DuraBlue composite bushings and washers are easily machined.
DuraBlue Machining
Use conventional machining techniques as used on bronze, but machined dry without coolant. A tungsten carbide-tipped tool should be used to maintain a fine smooth finish. DuraBlue composite materials are non-toxic, but advisable to use adequate dust extraction while machining.

Sized to fit your application.

DuraBlue Sizes
Duramax DuraBlue composite rudder bushings are available in these sizes:
1 inch - 42 inch (2.5 – 107 cm) outside diameter. Larger sizes upon request.

DuraBlue Sizes
DuraBlue custom thrust washers and wear pads sheet stock is available in:
Standard 31 inch x 48 inch stock; 1/8 inch to 3 inches thick. Larger sizes upon request.

Duramax will custom machine DuraBlue rudder bushings, thrust washers, wear pads to your engineered drawings and specific application.

Quick response and short lead times.
Duramax DuraBlue specialists can provide immediate response to your custom bushing and thrust washer needs. Using your engineer's drawings, we will deliver your custom machined products to meet your specifications and agreed upon deadline for both replacement and new vessel construction.

The Duramax Edge: Unmatched Quality.
Every person at Duramax Marine is focused on delivering the highest, most consistent quality of product and technical support in the marine industry. Quality that has set performance records unmatched by any other products in the industry around the world.

Worldwide reach.
Duramax Marine has a long history of delivering engineered product solutions for maintenance problems, earning the trust of marine professionals around the world. Our global technical support team and distributor network of product experts are always available for customers wherever they are needed.

DuraBlue Insets
DuraBlue Insets
DuraBlue Insets

Duramax Marine is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company
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